Resolve Early Tournament

RET, the first tournament of the season in our area, will be held on December 4th and 5th at Hilltop Baptist Church in Colorado Springs. Limited Preparation speech events will be offered along with all forms of debate. (Parli, TP and LD) Looking forward to kicking off the season right!

Rocky Mountain Stoa Kick-Off in the park

Colorado’s Stoa organization, RMS, will be hosting the annual kick-off in the park on Saturday, September 26th from 3pm – 7pm at the Philip S. Miller Park located at 1375 Plum Creek Pkwy, Castle Rock, CO.  The goal is to build comraderie in our state and have fun!!  We have rented a couple of pavilions and we will provide cupcakes!!  🙂  Bring your own picnic dinner. There are lots of activities to enjoy like a zip line, an outdoor staircase and we are sure there will be frisbee.  Come hang out with us!



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