Who is Resolve?


RESOLVE stands for  Rhetoric Effectively Showing Our Love, Virtue and Excellence


Who we are:     Resolve is a competitive Christian Home school Speech and Debate Club.  We are members of Stoa USA Speech and Debate League. (www.stoausa.org )  We have a Stoa state website as well. (www.rockymountainstoa.org )

What we do:    Resolve trains Christian home school students to compete in local and out-of-state Stoa tournaments to improve their communication skills and prepare them to bring the truths of the Christian faith to the world in a winsome and persuasive way.

Why we do it:   So that young Christians are prepared to communicate their ideas effectively to a dying world that needs the love of Christ and to hone the skills to be influential in our culture.


We are equipping our youth for things that matter

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